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If you’re looking for a career that you can quickly start that pays a competitive wage, dental assisting may be the choice for you. A dental assistant is different than a Online Alprazolam. A dental assistant has many different duties. Their tasks often vary from state to state and by the dentist’s office in which they work. The dental assistant wage is greatly affected by the duties of the assistant. Typical duties of a dental assistant include:

  • Assist dentist by handing him/her instruments during procedures
  • Keep records of patient’s dental treatments
  • Sterilize dental instruments
  • Work with patients on payment and billing issues
  • Prepare the work area and instruments before a procedure

Some dental assistants have more responsibility in the office. It is not uncommon to see a dental assistant performing laboratory tasks, such as making a cast of a patient’s teeth. This is normally done under the supervision of a dentist. Those who take on more responsibility and more difficult duties tend to earn a higher dental assistant wage.

Average Dental Assistant Wage

Dental Assistant WageAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average dental assistant wage in 2010 was $33,470 per year, or about $16 per hour. There are various different factors that can affect the wage of a dental assistant. Education and experience, like in any occupation, can greatly affect wages. Those dental assistants with more education and experience can handle more difficult tasks and often are compensated accordingly. The BLS indicates that the top 10% of dental assistants earned up to $47,000 per year.

Dental Assistant Jobs

The BLS projects that between 2010 and 2020 there will be a 31% increase in dental assistant jobs throughout the U.S. This could result in over 91,000 new jobs. This is great news for those students who are considering enrolling in a Best Site To Order Xanax Online. With this occupation, you are much more likely to find a job when you graduate!

Top Dental Hygienist Schools

Making the decision to earn your degree and pursue your career goals could be the best decision you ever make. Enroll at ECPI University and you’ll join a collaborative and fostering learning environment, surrounded by faculty and staff who are there to support you through the entire process.

What sets ECPI University apart? Just ask the employers who hire our graduates. Since 1966, more than 3,800 employers have looked to ECPI for talented professionals who are capable of entering the workplace and doing the job right on the very first day. That’s because our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of today’s highly-specialized job market.

What Are You Waiting For?


  • Dental Assisting - Associate's

At South College we welcome students from all different stages of life and career.  Whether you are pursing a degree for the first time, going back to school as an adult learner, or furthering your career with an advanced degree, our faculty and staff will partner with you to give your dreams direction.


  • Associate of Science in Health Science - Pre-Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science - Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science - Pre-Physical Therapy

100% Online & No Standardized Testing

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and complete your degree as quickly as possible.


  • AA: Medical Office Assistance