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Dental Hygienist Schools in Chattanooga

There are multiple dental hygienist schools in Chattanooga that can help you prepare for a new, well paid job in the dentistry field. A dental hygienist cleans teeth, examines patients, and searches for signs of disease such as gingivitis. Another important responsibility of the hygienist is to teach patients about preventative care for their teeth. Dental hygienists in Chattanooga receive a competitive salary and the future job outlook is very good.

Dental Hygienist Responsibilities

Almost all dental hygienists in Chattanooga work in a dental office. They work alongside dental assistants and dentists to provide various dental services to patients. A Chattanooga dental hygienist normally does not provide more comprehensive dental procedures such as tooth removal, crowns, or fillings. The dental hygienist focuses mostly on cleaning teeth and helping the patient improve or maintain clean teeth. Students at dental hygienist schools in Chattanooga will also learn how to:

  • Remove plaque, stains, and tartar from teeth.
  • Take and develop dental x-rays.
  • Apply flouride and sealants to protect teeth.
  • Record and monitor patient progress and treatment.
  • Educate patients about dental hygiene, flossing, and preventative maintenance.

Final Exam

The most common educational path for Chattanooga residents to becoming a dental hygienist is an associate’s degree. Some participants can complete the required education at dental hygienist schools in Chattanooga within two years as a full time student. There are also bachelor’s, masters, and certificate programs for dental hygienists, however they are less available. After completion of your training at a Chattanooga dental hygienist school, you may be expected to complete a final examination to get certified. The exam should cover all the subject material presented during the training course.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Chattanooga

Online AlprazolamAs of 2010, the median dental hygienist salary was $68,250 annually, or about $32/hour. Dental hygienist wages in Chattanooga can be lower or higher than the national average. Just like with any other occupation, salary is generally commensurate with experience and education. Another important factor when determining wages is the cost of living in a specific geographic location. If the cost of living in Chattanooga is higher than the average, generally the wages will be higher as well. In some cases, dental hygienists are paid up to $93,000 per year.

Dental hygienist salary in Chattanooga can be paid by the hour, by the day, on a regular annual salary, or based on commission. The method of payment is specific to each dental hygienist job.

Chattanooga Dental Hygienist Jobs

One important question students at dental hygienist schools in Chattanooga ask is, “How many jobs will there be when I graduate?” While there is no definite answer, in general the future job market for dental hygienists is very good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a growth of 38% in the occupation between 2010 and 2020. This will result in over 68,000 new vacancies, including dental hygienist jobs Chattanooga. Dental hygienist schools in Chattanooga can help you take advantage of this excellent career opportunity. Best Site To Order Xanax Online nearby now!

All salary and statistical data was provided by the Buy Brand Name Xanax Online.

Top Dental Hygienist Schools

Making the decision to earn your degree and pursue your career goals could be the best decision you ever make. Enroll at ECPI University and you’ll join a collaborative and fostering learning environment, surrounded by faculty and staff who are there to support you through the entire process.

What sets ECPI University apart? Just ask the employers who hire our graduates. Since 1966, more than 3,800 employers have looked to ECPI for talented professionals who are capable of entering the workplace and doing the job right on the very first day. That’s because our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of today’s highly-specialized job market.

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