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There are various dental hygienist schools in Omaha that can help you prepare for a new, well paying career in dentistry. A dental hygienist cleans teeth, examines patients, and searches for signs of disease such as gingivitis. Another important responsibility of the hygienist is to teach patients about preventative tooth care. Dental hygienists in Omaha make a decent salary and the future job outlook is very good.

Dental Hygienist Job Description

Most dental hygienists in Omaha work in a dentist’s office. They collaborate closely with dental assistants and dentists to provide various dental services to patients. A Omaha dental hygienist does not normally handle more difficult dental procedures such as crowns, tooth removal, or fillings. The dental hygienist focuses mainly on tooth hygiene and helping the patient improve or maintain clean teeth. Students at dental hygienist schools in Omaha will also learn how to:

  • Remove plaque, stains, and tartar from teeth.
  • Take and develop dental x-rays.
  • Apply flourides and sealants to help protect teeth.
  • Record and monitor patient progress and treatment.
  • Teach patients about dental hygiene, how to floss, and preventative care.

Final Examination

The most common educational path for Omaha residents to becoming a dental hygienist is an associate’s degree. Many students can finish the required education at dental hygienist schools in Omaha within two years as a full time student. There are also bachelor’s, masters, and certificate programs for dental hygienists, however they are less available. Once you have completed your training at a Omaha dental hygienist school, you may be expected to complete a final examination to get certified. The examination should cover all the subject material presented during the training.

Dental Hygienist Wages in Omaha

Online AlprazolamAs of 2010, the median dental hygienist salary was $68,250 per year, or about $32 per hour. Dental hygienist salary in Omaha can be lower or higher than the national median salary. Just like any other occupation, pay is generally commensurate with education and experience. One other important factor when determining salary is the cost of living in a specific geographic area. If the cost of living in Omaha is lower than the average, usually the salary will be lower as well. Some dental hygienists earned up to $93,000 per year.

Dental hygienist wages in Omaha may be paid hourly, by the day, annually, or by commission. The earning type is specific to each dental hygienist job.

Omaha Dental Hygienist Job Outlook

One important question students at dental hygienist schools in Omaha ask is, “How many jobs will there be when I graduate?” While there is no definitive answer, in general the future job outlook for dental hygienists is very good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a growth of 38% in the occupation between 2010 and 2020. This could result in up to 68,000 new jobs, including dental hygienist jobs Omaha. Dental hygienist schools in Omaha can help you take advantage of this rare career opportunity. Best Site To Order Xanax Online nearby today!

All salary and statistical data was provided by the Buy Brand Name Xanax Online.

Top Dental Hygienist Schools

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